Picking the Right Mattress

Studies show that the average person spends a third of their life in bed. Simply put, you owe it to yourself to get a mattress that will improve your quality of life. In addition, mattresses accumulate dust mites, fungus, and other germs that trigger allergies and impact your sleep. After years of using the same mattress, it’s time to think about starting anew. Here are some tips to help you pick the right mattress for your life.

Firmness & How You Sleep

Your sleep patterns and weight are the key to finding a general firmness that is right for you. In general the more you weigh the firmer a mattress should be to provide the support you need. Combine that with these sleep position tips to find the right fit.

Side Sleeper
You will need a soft mattress with a lot of support for your neck and back. If your mattress is too firm to conform and support your body, it’ll put a lot of pressure on your back, neck, and shoulders resulting. Look for a memory foam or pillow top mattress in medium plush to plush firmness to caress you while you sleep.


Back Sleeper
You will have the pick of the bunch, but be sure it has enough support that your spine is aligned to avoid lower back pain. The perfect mattress will provide enough pressure point relief, with great support. Look at medium firm to firm mattresses,unless you want something softer.


Stomach Sleeper
Your top priority should be support. If your torso sinks at the middle, you’ll find yourself with lower back pains and other problems. You need a mattress that provides equal support across the entire body. Memory foam will be too smothering so pick an innerspring or pillow top on the firm side of the spectrum.


Innerspring vs. Foam vs. Pillow Top

Innerspring Mattresses are the most popular, by far. They support you with spring coils that are individually encased within the core, atop the coils is layer of cushioning of either pillow or memory foam. These mattresses keep their shape and weather years of use. If you like a fair amount of bounce and the “classic”mattress feel, this is the type for you.

Foam Mattresses are composed of several layers of foam to provide a body hugging sleep surface. They offer great support, and pressure relief because the material shapes to your form and contours along the ridges of your body. If you tend to heat up at night, opt for a gel infused foam for superior temperature regulation and comfort.

The Pillow Top Mattress often combines both of the previous options. Innerspring coils give shape and offer that classic bounce, while an extra padded top helps increase comfort and cushion. Pillow top mattresses can be stuffed with an extra layer of pillow cushioning, but many of ours include gel or memory foam, giving you the body contouring comfort and pressure relief of a foam mattress.

These are just general ideas for the benefits of each type of mattress, what you ultimately choose will depend on your needs and comfort.

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