Assembly Guide


Furniture Assembly Tips

  1. Make sure the lock or spring washer is placed between the larger flat washer and the head of the screw or bolt. Otherwise, it can damage your furniture and/or lead to unsafe assembly.
  2. Only tighten when instructed to do so. Properly aligned all parts, and then use the appropriate hand tool to tighten. Do not over tighten. If power tools are used, set at the lowest RPMs/power setting available.
  3. When separating parts/components, use caution as to not damage product. Place the contents on a carpeted or padded area to protect them from damage. Ensure furniture rests on a flat and level surface with each leg evenly touching the floor.
  4. Some furniture includes height adjustment knobs underneath each leg. Turn clockwise to lower or counter-clockwise to raise each leg.
  5. Save the instructions and any supplied tools for later maintenance. After two weeks, check and tighten any loose hardware. Repeat every six months thereafter.
  6. Any products over 30” of height must be attached to a wall. Serious injury or death may occur.


Assembly Rating

The Assembly Rating is a 5-point system that gauges the degree of difficulty to assemble a specific product (with 1 being easy and 5 being difficult). For some products, two people are recommended for safe assembly.



 Assembly Rating Reference Chart





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